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Void Turns 5: New Merch, Limited Edition VHS & More

This February, Cinematic Void turns five years old and we're planning on celebrating in style.

On Friday, February 5th pre-orders go live for a limited edition Five Years of Void Shirt designed by Eagle Barber on our Big Cartel page. We'll also be doing a brand new of run of classic Void logo tees as well. And we will be offering international shipping too.

Also on the 5th, we'll our brand new audio/visual collaboration with Death Hags, LIFE OF A SPACE TREE will go live on the home page, but that's not all:

We'll pressing a limited edition of 50 VHS version with bonus content including Death Hags music videos and the Cinematic Void Up All Night We'll Be Right Back Mega Mix. The mix will be our a best of from our Up All Night commercial breaks and pre-show cinemadness from the Cinematic Void Vaults.

Pre-orders for the VHS will go live on our Big Cartel and Death Hag's bandcamp on February 5th.

We also have two brand new episodes of the Cinemadness Movie coming your way.

On Friday, February 12th, we celebrate 5 years of Void on the exact day we had our very first screening at the Egyptian Theatre back in 2016.

Then on, Friday, February 26th, we're teaming up with our friends at Massacre Video for a very special episode of the Cinemadness Movie. More details TBA soon.

Lastly, on the Cinematic Void Podcast, we'll be looking back at some of our favorite screenings we've hosted over the years and maybe a few other surprise too.

So get ready to get sucked into the Void this February.

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