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James Branscome introing a Midnght screening of ERASERHEAD.

Cinematic Void is a monthly film party of cinemadness that puts on events at the Los Feliz 3, Egyptian and Aero Theatres through the American Cinematheque. Created by James Branscome in 2016, and with the guidance of Grant Moninger (Beyond Fest programmer), the series focuses on cult films and oddball gems of all genres. Each screening is packed with weirdo clip shows, special guests, bizarre contests, and other surprises. Like the name suggests, the series fills a ‘void’ by programming films and content that is meant to expand the horizons of your cinematic odyssey.


Within the Cinematic Void are several sub-series: Camp Void in the summer, Voidentines, January Giallo, and our programming during Beyond Fest, the US's largest genre film festival. We've also partnered with Severin Films, Arrow Video and Vinegar Syndrome for many restoration premieres.

We are always pleased to have guests visit the Void and it’s been a privilege to host such icons as Greg Nicotero (KNB Effects, The Walking Dead), Nancy Allen (Dressed to Kill, Blow Out), Don Coscarelli (Phantasm), The Chiodo brothers and John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space), Dean Cundey (Escape From New York), Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead), Jonah Ray (MST3K), Ted Raimi (Evil Dead 2), Clu Gulager (Return of the Living Dead), Lol Tolhurst and Pearl Thompson (former members of The Cure), and more.


The Void logo along with all associated art (posters/t-shirts) is designed by Eagle Barber and is one of the key components of Cinematic Void’s aesthetic look. Eddie Gurrola, our Marketing Manager, develops promotions and online content to help you stay connected to the spirit of the Void in between screenings.


All the video content for the custom walk-ins that play before all Void screenings is collected and edited by James. Each one of these videos are designed to be thematic to the screening and are filled with commercials, trailers, and assorted clips. And we can’t forget about the intro video that kicks off each screening, featuring the song "Astros" by the band DTCV.


Now in its fifth year, Cinematic Void continues to grow and expand, but we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the support of all you. Without you cinemaniacs, we would be an empty void.


Photos by Rober Enger, Andrea Macias and Bianca Parkes

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