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Two Bleak Trips to The Void Coming This June

For the first week of June, the American Cinematheque is all about the bleak. BLEAK WEEK is coming your way with 33 films from 18 countries June 1st - June 8th at the AC, and we're excited to present two of our favorite despair-filled films as part of this series.

First up on June 4th at the Los Feliz 3 at 7 PM is COMBAT SHOCK completely uncut. Writer/director/producer Buddy Giovinazzo made his indelible debut with this nihilistic saga of a Vietnam vet’s desperate pursuit to save his family from the horrors of poverty and urban squalor. Culminating in one of the most brutal climaxes ever committed to celluloid, this unforgiving masterwork remains as controversial and relevant as it was at the height of the Reagan Era. Grab your tickets right here.

Then on June 6th at the Los Feliz 3 at 7 PM, don't miss a very rare opportunity to see producer Val Lewton's THE SEVENTH VICTIM in glorious 35mm, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Finding out her sister has gone missing, Mary Gibson searches for her in New York. Soon she discovers that her sister Jacqueline has become entangled with a Satanic Cult that now wants to see her dead. Weaving equal parts noir and horror, THE SEVENTH VICTIM is an unsettling slow burn of terror and nihilism that will leave you shaken to your very soul. Grab your tickets right here.

We hope you join us this June, and please, check out the rest of the Bleak Week programming that the American Cinematheque is offering right here.

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