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The Void on YouTube: Cinemadness Movie returns, Vlogs & Video Mixes

Back in 2020, we started a YouTube Channel to host our virtual screenings, the Cinemadness Movie during the lockdown. From March '20 through June '22 we produced 49 individual episodes before going on hiatus. But coming this October, the Cinemadness Movie will return. We will be producing multiple episodes for Spooky season.

And maybe ... just maybe ... a special episode in September. BUT ... there is a catch.

In order for a new Cinemadness Movie episode to drop in September, the Cinematic Void YouTube channel needs to reach 1000 subscribers by September 1st. We've been closing in on that benchmark all month long, and would really like to make that goal.

So if you aren't already, you can subscribe to the Cinematic Void YouTube Channel HERE!

Besides hosting the Cinemadness Movie, we also put up event trailers, Cinematic Void Podcast episodes, and the Cinematic Void Vlog.

With the Vlog we offer up events recaps, Void behind the scenes (see the top video), and very Void-centric filming location videos. We recently went and documented two of our favorite gonzo films, X-RAY and NEON MANIACS.

So why not subscribe to the Cinematic Void YouTube channel? You'll get all kinds of great content as well as unlock even more Cinemadness Movie episodes.

Helps us hit 1000 subscribers by 9/1/22 HERE!

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