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The Void is expanding with our brand new Patreon page

When we started Cinematic Void, we really didn't know if we'd survive passed our first few screenings. But now over three years in and thanks to all of you, we continue to do monthly screenings around Los Angeles, predominantly at our home theaters the Egyptian and Aero.

However, upon its inception, Cinematic Void was never intended to just be a screening series. It's our mission is to bring cinemadness to not only the movie screen, but to expand it into other creative avenues. 

So that's why we are launching the CINEMATIC VOID PATREON PAGE

If you are unfamiliar with Patreon, it's a membership/subscription platform that allows artist/creators to connect with their fans. By subscribing to the Cinematic Void Pateron, you'll get access to exclusive content, updates and perks.

We have three tiers available to sign up for, each with different benefits for the subscribers. They are: Shout Out  Supporters ($5 a month), Cinemaniacs ($20 a month) and The Executive ($35).

Although we can't quite reveal all that we have in store yet, we can tell you that tied into our Pateron page is the forth coming CINEMATIC VOID PODCAST. Yes, we are well aware there are already hundreds if not thousands of film and movie podcasts out there. But like our programming, we're looking to fill the void and cover some things that we feel aren't quite discussed. And while this will be obvious film heavy, we will also be discussing music, television and literature as well.

The podcast will be launching in late November and all Pateron subscribers who sign up for the Cinemaniac tier and up will have an advanced first listen.

Along with the podcast, we'll also be creating other content that will be available for the Cinemaniac tier and up.

If you wish to sign up you can click HERE and choose whichever tier suites you best.

We wouldn't be where we are at now if wasn't for the support of all you attending screenings, buying Void merch and following/reposting/retweeting us on social media.

There is no Void without you.

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