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The Egyptian Theatre, Netflix & What That Means For the Void

Hello friends,

I'm sure you're aware that the deal for Netflix to purchase the Egyptian Theatre from the American Cinematheque, which had been ongoing for the last 18 months has finally closed as of today. (You can read the article HERE!)

I saw a few people ask online what does this deal mean for not only Cinematic Void, but our friends at Beyond Fest as well. Here's what Beyond Fest had to say on the subject:

"It means more anarchy, more carnage, more destruction, more bloodletting, more bloodlust and definitely more t-shirt gun."

As for the Void, it'll be business as usual.

We will continue to program monthly screenings like our DAY OF THE DEAD/DEATH WISH III double feature and January Giallo (post COVID-19 of course). In fact, this deal allows for more opportunities for future events.

So the potential to fulfill my life long dream of flying out Peter Bark for a screening of BURIAL GROUND could be a possibility.

Stay safe and see you in the Void,

Jim Branscome

Cinematic Void

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