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THE DEAD POOL Blasts Its Way to The Los Feliz 3 on 3/21!

On Monday, March 21st, we're back at The Los Feliz 3 with a 35mm screening of the final Dirty Harry film, THE DEAD POOL.

In the final installment of the DIRTY HARRY series, Clint Eastwood reprises his grizzled signature role, this time investigating the death of a rock star on a music video shoot. But he soon finds out that the rock star’s name, as well as his own, is on a dead pool, which is a list where people bet on which public figures might be headed to death’s door. Now someone is targeting Harry and he must figure out who wants him dead. Featuring Jim Carrey lip syncing Guns ‘N Roses, Liam Neeson with a ponytail, RC cars rigged with explosives and several dead pan one-liner quips in this gritty and entertaining action thriller.

If that wasn't enough, we've got an exclusive video intro from Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses (who makes a cameo in the film as well) to kick the screening off! Tickets are available right here. We'll see you there!

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