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Sneak Preview of THE WNUF HALLOWEEN SEQUEL at Midsummer Scream!

It’s Halloween in your VCR.

Friday, July 29th. We're celebrating Halloween early with a sneak preview of THE WNUF HALLOWEEN SEQUEL at Midsummer Scream.

For the uninitiated: The WNUF Halloween Special is a low-budget love letter to local television and everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, presented as a faux 1987 TV broadcast complete with commercials.

Now we’re fast-forwarding to the 1990s for a new nostalgic nightmare full of over-the-top October kitsch. Fill your plastic pumpkin with trash TV spooktaculars and all the kooky, cringey commercials you can cram on a VHS tape.


Join the Void as we co-present this highly anticipated sequel with a pre-screening mixer featuring cocktails, spooky visuals, and music along with a post-film Q&A with filmmaker Chris LaMartina and star/co-producer Melissa LaMartina.

For tickets and more information on this event, please visit

Use discount code WNUF to save 25% on Friday admissions through June 30th.

About Midsummer Scream:

Midsummer Scream is an annual, weekend-long Halloween & Horror Convention. The event showcases the diversity of Southern California’s haunt and horror community while inviting fans from around the world to experience a weekend of excitement and non-stop spooky fun with over 350 exhibitors, a dozen mini-haunts, and attractions, panels, presentations, live performances, and more.

About Cinematic Void:

Cinematic Void is a Los Angeles-based cult film odyssey into the mouth of cinemadness.

Focusing on all oddball gems of all genres, the Void unleashes an onslaught of horror, eurotrash, exploitation, and gonzo action on the silver screen.

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