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Severin's Super-Shock Pop-Up Film Festival Returns

Back in 2019 we hosted the first edition of Severin's Super-Shock Pop-Up Film Festival where we premiered three secret titles that included NIGHTKILLER, THE BOYS NEXT DOOR & DEATH WARMED UP. This year the fest is back with three new mystery films that will be part of Severin's Black Friday slate. You can grab your tickets HERE!

More details on this event:

The Super-Shock event will feature screenings of three new Severin Films features that have yet to be announced or released, uncut, uncensored and/or fully restored on the big screen. This event will serve as a preview for titles featured in Severin's upcoming Black Friday sale. Enjoy the mystery films along with special guest introductions, trailers announcing more upcoming Severin titles, themed food and cocktails, photo ops and more.

Tickets are limited. All general admission attendees will receive an exclusive gift bags upon arrival. Preferred VIP ticket holders will receive deluxe gift bags along with preferred seating.

Show starts at 5:30 PM

Cinelounge Hollywood Outdoors

1625 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles

CA 90028

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