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Salem, MA Filming Locations: Get Bewitched on the Cinematic Void Vlog

Recently, Cinematic Void took a little trip to Halloween destination Salem, Massachusetts and while there we decided to document some film locations.

First, we searched out locations to Bert I. Gordon's BURNED AT THE STAKE aka THE COMING. This was the first horror film shot in Salem and features many Salem landmarks including the Salem Witch Museum and the House of the Seven Gables.

For part 2, we then covered two of the better known films shot in Salem, HOCUS POCUS and THE LORDS OF SALEM with a quick sidebar about the TV show BEWITCHED that shot for one of the later seasons in the 70s. We also work in a very Void-centric connection to BEWITCHED as well.

Finally, we wrap things up with a highlight video of some of the other sights we saw while in Salem. Even out of the spooky season, Salem is a beautiful place to visit.

And although it's not fully Salem related (there intro was filmed there), we also put a screening recap for March and February where we talked about our Cinemandess Sequel series as well as Horror by the Water.

Missed any episodes of the Cinematic Void Vlog? You can catch up on our YouTube playlist which includes filming locations and show recaps HERE!

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