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KILLER OBSESSIONS Hit The Big Screen This February [Details Here]

February is traditionally all about love and emerging from the darkness of winter. And as you well know, we like to keep things traditional here at Cinematic Void, so naturally the theme of our February series is Killer Obsessions. Every Monday this February, get ready to see twisted and misplaced derangement on the big screen with us at the Los Feliz 3. Here's what we've got in store for you:

On February 6th, we're playing Katt Shea's masterful directorial debut, STRIPPED TO KILL. It's all of the Corman trashiness you could ask for, mixed with a twisty Giallo-adjacent plot. And if that wasn't enough action for you, wait til you get to see Clint Eastwood's bare ass in TIGHTROPE on the 13th in glorious 35mm. We cool things off with Roy Scheider chasing a baseball-obsessed murderer with a hook in NIGHT GAME in 35mm on the 20th. And we close the month with Michael Mann's all-time classic MANHUNTER in 35mm on the 27th. Tickets will go on sale January 27th at the link here. We hope to see you there!

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