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Join the Void: Cinematic Void is looking for a Social Media/Marketing Intern

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Cinematic Void is looking for a social media/marketing intern to join our team for the months of August through October.

This is an unpaid part-time position, which in return you would receive merch, digital downloads and other perks.

Job Requirements:

Manages, schedules, formats and posts on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Help plan social media campaigns to promote Void content (such as the Cinemadness Movie and Podcast) and reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness

Prepare, prep and schedule Cinematic Void newsletter

Weekly videochat (Zoom or Skype) meeting to go over social media strategy

We are looking for someone with experience and knowledge in social media and marketing. Most have an attention to detail, writing skills, creativity, is reliable and has a love and understanding of cult cinema.

Please send resumes with "Void Intern" as the subject to:

This is an equal opportunity position to any and all who want to be part of the expansion of the Void.

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