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January Giallo is Here!

With New Year here, it's time for one of our favorite screening series to return in 2021, January Giallo.

Although the current pandemic has prevented us from doing the 5th edition of this event in the theater, nothing can stop us from putting on the black gloves and pouring ourselves a glass of J&B Scotch Whisky. So for this year's January Giallo will be hosted virtually thanks to our friends at Severin Films on Cinematic void Up All Night and the Cinemadness Movie.

We will be screening two classic gialli from Severin's vaults on Friday, January 8th and Friday, January 22nd, but that's not all we have a store for you.

On the Cinematic Void homepage, we've curated a giallo trailer reel of two Italian horror masters, Umberto Lenzi and Sergio Martino who will also be the focus of the upcoming episodes of the CInematic Void Podcast. We'll be releasing four episodes discussing their giallos with special guests Scott Carlson from the band Repulsion and filmmaker Travis Stevens (GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR).

And if you're still fiending for more straight razor terror, you can check out The Giallos of Lucio Fulci episode we recorded last year HERE! and you learn all about the history of January Giallo HERE!

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