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Hi everyone,

Jim of Cinematic Void here. With the calendar flipping pages to February, JANUARY GIALLO 2023 has come to a close. This year's edition was the largest yet, featuring 10 different venues across the country including my home court of the Los Feliz 3 run by the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles, The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA, The Music Box Theatre in Chicago, Sie FilmCenter in Denver, Central Cinema Knoxville, The Little Theatre in Rochester, NY, The Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, The Majestic Theater in Tempe, AZ, Cinema Salem in Salem, MA & Popcorn Reef holding it down in San Diego.

Everyone involved killed it with their respective lineups and it was a real privilege to fly out and intro screenings in Brookline, Denver and Chicago. But besides everyone showing some crazy films, it was fantastic to be able to work with/collaborate with some of the best film programmers across the country.

With any event of this magnitude, there were a lot of moving parts and people involved in putting this together. So with much gratitude, I want to say thank you to the following:

Grant Moninger, Director of Programming & Creative Director of the American Cinematheque for giving me the opportunity to do January Giallo in the first place, let alone doing Cinematic Void at all.

My programming partners William Morris (2018 Mike Ditka Cinema Excellence Award Winner), Mark Anastasio, Therese Mercado, Keith Garcia, William Mahaffey, Adam Lubitow, Zack Hall, Andrea Canales, Danni Winn, Aaron Hudson, and Kay Lynch.

Eagle Barber for designing all the January Giallo posters, shirts and zine and everything Void in general.

Eddie Gurrola, the Void's Marketing Manager who put together the press release, promotional roll out and even hosted his own January Giallo event in San Diego as Popcorn Reef.

Deanna Rooney for doing all the ridiculous intro skits with me as we engage in some of the most unhinged on the fly improv comedy in the known universe.

Harry Guerro for not only bringing over that gorgeous A LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN technicolor print and organizing that print tour, but also loaning out countless prints to various venues this year.

Phil Blankenship for loaning out his extraordinary TENEBRAE print to the Coolidge.

Bret Berg at AGFA who handles theatrical rights on the majority of titles screened as well as pitching January Giallo to over venues.

Louise at Arrow Video who was gracious enough to send out a prize pack for the Giallo fashion show.

Disperse Press for supplying some excellent Giallo t-shirts to giveaway.

Severin Films who held down an excellent pop-up shop at the Music Box and supplied giveaways there.

The Archive Colorado for bringing a tasty Giallo selection to the Sie FilmCenter.

Nick Vance for having to endlessly talk about these films on the podcast when he rather talk about BLUE or STALKER. But also threading up both DEATH LAID AN EGG and I KNOW WHO KILLED ME in the booth at the Los Feliz 3.

The projection teams at all the various venues, with an extra shoutout to the Coolidge, Music Box and Cinematheque for having to also juggle live subtitling for the Italian Language prints.

The amazing theatre/theater staffs at each venue.

Dolores Quintana and Fangoria.

And lastly, I want to thank everyone who came out to the screenings. Being at the movies the greatest communal experience in the known universe. From Barry Primus asking the crowd at AUTOPSY to explain to him why they like these movies and getting very sincere and passionate answers to collective cinemadness of a sold out crowd at the Los Feliz 3 absolutely losing their minds when Lindsay Lohan says,"I Know Who Killed Me" in I KNOW WHO KILLED ME. There is no better feeling.

Black Gloved Hands Across American

Jim Branscome

Cinematic Void

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