• Cinematic Void

It's Giallo Week On The Cinemadness Movie

Cinematic Void Up All Night returns this Friday, May 1st at 8:30 PM (PST) as we slide on the black gloves for a surprise giallo film with vintage commercial breaks and host segments.

You can tune in at https://www.cinematicvoid.com/midnight to spend your late nights in the Void.

We will also be debuting a brand new track by the band WOLFMEN OF MARS from their new Album, A Place Where Gods Go To Die. Their music combines the electronic analog sounds of the 70s-80s while mixing them with heavy grooves. Recently, they composed the soundtrack for the film Satanic Panic.

In the past, we've given away albums by the band at our in-person screenings and Beyond Fest. We always really excited for any and all music that they create. If you aren't familiar you can check out their music HERE!