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Get Ready For The 70s Cinema of Jonathan Kaplan This November!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Few filmmakers have mastered as many genres and mediums as Jonathan Kaplan, who has crafted countless cult classics as well as helming award-winning prestige pictures. Having studied film at NYU, Kaplan was working at the Filmore East rock venue with future New World Pictures alumni Jon Davison and Allan Arkush when he got the chance to make a feature. At the suggestion of one of his NYU teachers – Martin Scorsese – producer Roger Corman tapped the aspiring director for the sex comedy NIGHT CALL NURSES, which became a smash hit.

Cinematic Void salutes Jonathan Kaplan’s early years with the action-packed TRUCK TURNER (starring and scored by Isaac Hayes), the rarely screened shocker THE STUDENT TEACHERS, and the cinematic anthem of misunderstood youth and teenage rebellion, OVER THE EDGE this November. Mr. Kaplan himself will join us in-person for Q&As for all of the shows.

Here's a breakdown of the films we'll be showing in case you're not familiar with them.

TRUCK TURNER on 11/7/22 - Tickets Here

Q&A with Mr. Kaplan

When a bounty hunter goes after a ruthless pimp who skipped bail, he finds himself with a target on his back. Iconic music legend Isaac Hayes not only stars but also composes the soulful score to director Jonathan Kaplan’s action-packed film. Featuring an all-star cast including Yaphet Kotto (ALIEN, BLUE COLLAR), Annazette Chase (THE MACK, THE TOY), Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, Scatman Crothers (THE SHINNING), and character actor great, Dick Miller.

35mm print courtesy of the Jon Davison, Jonathan Kaplan, Academy Film Archive Collection at the Academy Film Archive.

THE STUDENT TEACHERS on 11/21 - Tickets Here

Q&A with Mr. Kaplan and Screenwriter Danny Opatoshu Following the success of NIGHT CALL NURSES, Jonathan Kaplan traded in nurses for teachers in what Roger Corman proclaimed was one of the best of New World Pictures’ Sexploitation cycle. Three high teachers use unconventional methods to motivate their students, all the while there is a mad rapist lurking on campus. Keep your eyes peeled for Chuck Norris in one of his earliest roles.

35mm print courtesy of the Jon Davison, Julie and Roger Corman, Jonathan Kaplan, and Academy Film Archive Collection.

OVER THE EDGE on 11/28 - Tickets Here Q&A with Mr. Kaplan and Screenwriter Tim Hunter

New Granada was envisioned as a utopian community for the families that lived there … except for their kids. With only a Rec Center for any sort of entertainment, the youth lash out at the oppressive isolated atmosphere by partying hard and doing petty crimes. But when the community tries to squash their teenage rebellion, it instead combusts into a full-on revolution. With a script by Charles Haas (GREMLINS 2, MATINEE) and Tim Hunter (RIVER’S EDGE, TEX) Jonathan Kaplan takes a documentary approach of capturing the youth gone wild filled with an incredible soundtrack of rock anthems by Cheap Trick, The Cars, and others.

Courtesy of the Tim Hunter Collection at the Academy Film Archive Collection.

You'll be hard pressed to see these prints run anywhere else, so we suggest you join us!

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