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German Horror At the Drive-In

Join us at the Mission Tiki Drive-in on Thursday, Nov. 12 as we co-present two German horror classics for the American Cinematheque's German Currents Series: Werner Herzog’s NOSFERATU starring Klaus Kinski, and Ulli Lommel’s TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES. Get your ticketsRIGHT HERE.



1979, AGFA, 107 min, Germany, Dir: Werner Herzog.

An homage to Murnau’s 1922 classic, Herzog’s NOSFERATU achieves its own hypnotic power by evoking a romantic past of waterfalls and mist-filled valleys, and through the eerie sensuality of Klaus Kinski’s performance. Like Aguirre and Fitzcarraldo, Kinski’s Nosferatu is driven by the need for an unknowable spiritual ecstasy – in this case, Isabelle Adjani’s ethereal Lucy. With Bruno Ganz. In German with English subtitles.



1973, AGFA, 82 min, Germany, Dir: Ulli Lommel. 

Ulli Lommel’s unforgettable cult horror film THE TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES follows Fritz Haarmann, aka the Vampire of Hanover, who was a real German serial killer responsible for the murder of two dozen boys and young men during the so-called “years of crisis” between World War I and II. Longtime R.W. Fassbinder collaborator Kurt Raab plays the repulsive killer, who uses his status as a police informant to lure his victims to their deaths and dismembers their bodies to sell the flesh to local restaurants. Although by no means an easy watch, this forgotten gem inspired by the early 70s New German Cinema movement certainly gets under the skin. Produced by Fassbinder himself, who also supplies a shifty cameo! In German with English subtitles.

Event Info HERE.

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