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Coming to the American Cinematheque Virtual screening room July 23-26, we are excited to co-present with our friends from Severin Films the brand new meta-documentary FULCI FOR FAKE about legendary Italian genre filmmaker Lucio Fulci. You can watch the film HERE and once purchased, you have 72 hours to watch the film. On top of that, we will also be moderating an online discussion with David Gregory of Severin Films, with a special appearance by director Simone Scafidi, at 7:30 PM PST on Friday, July 24th. You can sign-up to watch the Q&A HERE! About the film:  FULCI FOR FAKE 2019, Severin Films, 90 min, UK/Italy, Dir: Simone Scafidi

He was known as The Maestro of Splatter and The Godfather of Gore. But who was the real Lucio Fulci? When an actor (Nicola Nocella of EASY and Pupi Avati’s THE YOUNGEST SON) agrees to portray the infamous director, he sets out to research the triumphs, tragedies and truths behind Fulci’s life, work and legacy. Through never-before-seen home movies, rare behind-the-scenes footage from his classic films, audio confessions from Fulci himself and revealing interviews that include composer Fabio Frizzi, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, former actor-assistant Michele Soavi and for the first and final time, the dual participation of daughters Antonella and Camilla Fulci, writer-director Simone Scafidi creates an unflinching portrait of one of the most visceral, controversial and immortal horror filmmakers of all time. “Riveting and emotional … Absolutely recommended to any fan of Fulci and his films.” – Horror World & Reviews

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