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Final Monthly Cinemadness Movie On Friday, March 11

Friday, March 11, the Cinematic Void Up All Night and the Cinemadness Movie ends its monthly run with a brand new episode presented by Culture Shock Releasing.

The Cinemadness movie launched two years ago this month and has run weekly, bi-weekly without a break creating 48 individual episodes including two triple features and four double features.

While this is the last monthly installment, the Cinemadness Movie will continue on with episodes planned in June, October and December later this year.

If you are looking for more Cinemadness Movie content, on the Cinematic Void Patreon in April, there will be an exclusive double feature episode. And for the first time, we will begin to archive all previous episodes of the Cinemadness Movie on Patreon over the next several months.

You can tune in at 8:30 PM PT on March 11 at to watch the final monthly Cinemadness Movie.

Thanks to everyone who has been tuning into the show for the last two years.

Until next time, see you in the Void.

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