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CV Up All Night x Vinegar Syndrome: A Heavenly Combo on 3/26

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

On Friday, March 26th, celebrate the one year anniversary of Cinematic Void Up All Night and the Cinemadness Movie with a special episode presented by our friends at Vinegar Syndrome.

It'll be a trashy night full of cheap thrills as we walk the mean streets of Hollywood and share vintage commercials, host segments, and other goodies along the way. Join us next Friday at 8:30 PM PST sharp over at to spend yet another late night in the Void.

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1 Comment

Darren White
Darren White
Mar 27, 2021

I am a huge fan of your show. It's a highlight of my week. But for the last two episodes you have set them to private before I have a chance to watch them. Its 7am CST and last nights episode Premiered at 1030 CST. The episode has already been set to private. Not everyone is available to watch at an exact time on a Friday night. I am unable due to my work schedule. I liked when your episodes would stay up through the weekend or at least for 24 hours. This change is making it difficult to even care when there is a new episode. Do patrons get extended access to episodes? Cause I will gladly pay for…

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