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CV Up All Night Returns With Culture Shock Releasing For a Brand New Episode This Friday

Have you missed us on Friday nights?

We're back this Friday (June 10th) at the usual 8:30 PM PST time for a brand new episode of Cinematic Void Up All Night and the Cinemadness Movie, presented by the good folks at Culture Shock Releasing.

For our triumphant return, we're premiering another yet-to-be-released restoration from Culture Shock. What we're showing will be a surprise as usual, but we can reveal that the film stars the indelible Traci Lords.

As usual, the action starts right at 8:30 PM PST at and will run LIVE straight through. If you need to watch the episode on demand after the fact, you can get access to it by joining our Patreon.

It's not a Big Wednesday, it's a Big Friday this week on Cinematic Void Up All Night and the Cinemadness Movie!

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