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Coming This September: SUMMER ENDS in 35mm

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It's been a while since we've had a good laugh at the Void, so we decided to keep things light for our September slate. "How light?", you might ask? About as light as an inflatable toy in a pool. Welcome to SUMMER ENDS.

Every Monday in September (actually, one is on a Sunday), you'll be able to catch a feel-good 80s teen flick in 35mm with us. Let's end the Summer of '22 with a giant party! Here's what we've got in store for you:

Monday 9/5 at 7 PM - ONE CRAZY SUMMER in 35mm - Tickets Here

They’re out of school, out on Nantucket … and out of their minds! Anything can happen, and everything will happen during One Crazy Summer! John Cusack and Demi Moore star as Hoops McCann, the scion of a long line of basketball stars who longs buck family tradition to be a cartoonist, and Cassandra Eldrich, the young woman who teaches him to follow his dreams even as she takes a hiatus from her own to help her grandparents save their house. Everything will turn out well in the end, but along the way no one and nothing is safe in this all-out, madcap comedy.

Monday 9/12 at 7 PM - SUMMER SCHOOL in 35mm - Tickets Here

With actors Dean Cameron and Richard Steven Horvitz in-person for a Q&A!

Director Carl Reiner gives John Hughes a run for his money with one of the funniest teen comedies of the 1980s. High-school gym teacher Freddy Shoop (Mark Harmon) is looking forward to vacation – until he’s forced to teach a remedial English class during summer school. Among the underachievers in his charge are Courtney Thorne-Smith, Patrick Labyorteaux and Kelly Jo Minter. Kirstie Alley is the history teacher next door who catches Shoop’s eye. Music by Danny Elfman.

Monday 9/19 at 7 PM - JUST ONE OF THE GUYS in 35mm - Tickets Here

When Terry Griffith (Joyce Hyser) loses her high school’s writing competition, she’s convinced that it’s because she’s a girl. So Terry decides to change high schools and pose as a boy to prove her point. Her brother, Buddy (Billy Jacoby), helps her pass as a guy so well that she is soon making friends with the boys at school, including the attractive Rick (Clayton Rohner), who becomes her new best friend. But her gender-swapping makes things difficult when she falls in love with him.

Sunday 9/25 at 7 PM - THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN in 35mm - Tickets Here

A Texas teenager cuts her hair short and becomes an outlaw martyr with her brother and friends.

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