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Cinematic Void x Death Hags: LIFE OF A SPACE TREE - New Audio/Visual Mix Is Out Now!

Our new audio/visual collaboration with LA band Death Hags is out now! Ever wonder what folk horror & the infinite ends of the universe colliding would feel like? Get off the couch and join us for this intergalactic dance party into occultism and the unknown.

If you're digging LIFE OF A SPACE TREE, we've also pressed a limited edition version on 50 VHS copies, loaded with bonus content including Death Hags music videos and the Cinematic Void Up All Night We'll Be Right Back Mega Mix. The mix is a "best of" from our Up All Night commercial breaks and pre-show cinemadness from the Cinematic Void Vaults. You can pre-order your copy now on the Cinematic Void Big Cartel Store, and again, we're only doing one run of 50 of these, so please get your order in soon.

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