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Cinematic Void Up All Night and The Cinemadness Movie Returns For a New Season This Fall!

Have you missed us from the comfort of your own home? Cinematic Void Up All Night is back in a big way this fall, and we're returning in a new "season" format that will give you thrills and chills every Friday up until Halloween!

Starting on September 30th, get ready for five new episodes in a row, with special guest appearances from Deanna Rooney, and films presented by the good folks at Severin Films, Culture Shock Releasing, Vinegar Syndrome, and Midnight Crew Studios. As always, the films shown will be a surprise until the episode starts, and they will run live at 8:30 PM PST every Friday via the link at

We hope you're ready for a new era of Cinemadness. We'll see you in the Void!

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