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Cinematic Void Presents Love Bites: All February Long at the Los Feliz 3!

We're as sad as you are that January Giallo has come to a close. But we're not slowing things down here at all at The Void, and we've got a brand new series for February that continues our weekly Monday night residency at American Cinematheque's Los Feliz 3 all month long. Get ready for LOVE BITES!

First up, on Monday, February 7th at 7pm, we're screening an uncut 35mm print of Tobe Hooper and The Cannon Group's masterpiece, LIFEFORCE. On February 14th (Valentine's Day) at 10pm, we're thrilled to bring Tom Holland's classic FRIGHT NIGHT to the big screen in 35mm. And on February 21st at 7pm, we'll be showing Tony Scott's debut feature THE HUNGER. There's one more title to be announced, so stay tuned. We'll see you in The Void all February long!


Mon Feb. 7th at 7pm - LIFEFORCE (Uncut 35mm) - Ticket Link

Mon Feb. 14th at 10pm - FRIGHT NIGHT (35mm) - Ticket Link

Mon Feb. 21st at 7pm - THE HUNGER - Ticket Link

Mon Feb 28th - TBA

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