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Cinematic Void Podcast: Programming the Apocalypse

On this On this episode of the Cinematic Void podcast, Jim invites some of his fellow film programmers to pick a film for a theoretical 24 hour movie marathon for the end of days. The result needless to say, are quite surprising.

Within this marathon are 13 films that range from comfort selections, deep cuts and one film you couldn't legally screen unless the world was actually going to end.

Contributing programmers include Heidi Honeycutt of Etheria Film Festival, Mark E. Anastasio from the Coolidge Corner Theatre, C.W. Prather of The Spooky Movie Film Festival, KJ Relth from UCLA Film & Television Archive, Dennis Dread of Wyrd War, Phil Blankenship of Heavy Midnites and the New Beverly Cinema, Grant Moninger from the American Cinematheque and Beyond Fest, Nicholas Vance of Paranoid Futures, Chris Lemaire of the American Cinematheque, Bret Berg from AGFA, Josh Miller of Friday Night Frights, William Morris formerly of the American Cinematheque and The Music Box and James Branscome of Cinematic Void.

You can listen now on the Cinematic Void Soundcloud page HERE or on ApplePodcasts HERE!

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