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Cinematic Void at Beyond Fest X: Details Here!

Beyond Fest is back in a big way for its tenth anniversary this year. As always, we're excited to be a part of the festival, and we've got two mind-melting screenings during this year's lineup that we're co-presenting.

9/29: BIRDEMIC 3: SEA EAGLE - Tickets Here

First up is a free screening of BIRDEMIC 3: SEA EAGLE on Thursday, September 29th at 10 PM at the Shudder Theatre at the Los Feliz 3. We've teamed up with Severin Films to bring you the LA premiere of this romantic thriller of global disaster proportions, and we'll be doing a Q&A with filmmaker James Nguyen after the show.

9/30: DARK GLASSES - Tickets Here

The next night, we're bringing you the West Coast Premiere of Dario Argento's latest giallo, DARK GLASSES! We know you've been curious to see this one, and now's your chance to catch it stateside on the big screen. The show starts at 10 PM on Friday, September 30th at The Aero.

To explore the rest of this year's Beyond Fest programming, click here. Glory to the People's Republic!

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