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Camp Void Returns to Theatres: Full Lineup Revealed Here!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Summer is here, and we can't be more thrilled to bring Camp Void back to theatres for the first time since 2019! This time, we'll be bringing you screenings all June and July long at the Los Feliz 3.

Here's what we're unleashing into the woods this summer:

Monday 6/13 - BLOOD GAMES in 35mm - Tickets Here

Batter up! When a women’s baseball team beats a group of local yokels on their home turf, they soon find themselves in a fight for their survival. Brutal and ultra-sleazy, BLOOD GAMES is a throwback to 70s exploitation films that plays out like a mix of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN meets I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE meets DELIVERANCE.

Monday 6/20 - THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT in 35mm - Tickets Here

In 1994 a group of filmmakers head out into the woods of Burkittsville, MD in search of the folk legend of the Blair Witch never to be seen again. Years later, their footage is recovered and within the circumstances of their disappearance. A worldwide phenomenon upon its original release and ushering in an era of found footage films, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT blurred the line between what is reality and fiction with a brilliant cinema verite style that had audiences questioning it to the final shocking frame.

Monday 6/27 - THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK (4K Restoration) - Tickets Here

Director Charles B. Pierce’s debut is a docu-drama about the legendary Fouke Monster, a Big Foot type beast that, lurks in the swamps of Arkansas. Inspiring THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and countless other found footage horror films, THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK presents the folklore of the creature with sometimes first-hand accounts and re-enactments. Filmed on a small budget, the film achieves great atmosphere with authentic locales and beautiful scope cinematography.

And yes, Jim's bucket-list screening of ROLLERCOASTER is happening this Fourth of July as part of the festivities ;)

Monday 7/4 - ROLLERCOASTER - Tickets Here

After a rollercoaster crash at a California amusement park, safety inspector Harry Calder (George Segal) soon realizes a psychopath is sabotaging rides across to country to black mail the multinational corporations that own the parks. Now Calder must figure out which park the mad bomber is targeting on the Fourth of July. Originally presented in Sensurround and part of Universal Pictures disaster film cycle including the likes of EARTHQUAKE, ROLLERCOASTER features a solid cast including Timothy Bottoms, Susan Strasberg, Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda and the band SPARKS in a show stopping live performance at Magic Mountain.

We've got the rest of the lineup right here as well. Tickets for these shows will be available soon - check back on this page for updates!

Monday 7/11 - NIGHTMARE CITY in 35mm

Monday 7/18 - DARK AUGUST in 35mm

Monday 7/25 - SWEET SIXTEEN in 35mm

Pack a snack, because it's going down this summer at Cinematic Void.

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