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31 Days of Voidoween Starts October 1st ... We Challenge You To Join Us!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

October is just around the corner, which's time for a month-long movie marathon!

Is there anything better than having a justification to watch as many horror films as you possibly can in a month? No. So we've taken things a step further in 2021 by turning this yearly tradition of cinematic self-indulgence we all tend to gravitate toward every October into an interactive game that will give you the excuse you need to stay on the couch and keep your blu-ray remote in hand all month long. Welcome to 31 Days of Voidoween.

Above, you'll find the official 31 Days of Voidoween Movie Challenge. We here at Cinematic Void officially challenge you to pick a horror movie to watch every day during the month of October that fits that corresponding day's description. For instance, on October 12th, it's Martial Arts Horror day, so you might pick NINJA III: THE DOMINATION. But you can't use the same movie if you already used up NINJA III on October 2nd - EXORCIST Knockoff out!

Post your picks every day on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels, or by using the hashtags #cinematicvoid and #voidoween, and we will repost our favorites. In addition, Cinematic Void founder Jim Branscome will be announcing his personal picks daily via video messages on our Instagram feed. For the greatest cinemadness effect, we recommend doing a double feature daily of Jim's pick and your own.

We know, it's a daunting task, but if you actually do complete this challenge, think about the number of film experiences you'll have under your belt by the time Halloween is over this year. And if you check out your peers' picks on social media and take some notes, you'll have enough recommendations to play around with for months to come.

The scares start October 1st. Get your list ready, and let's enjoy this together!

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